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Piano Klass Kidz at Cadek

Piano Klass Kidz provides an accessible small group and one-on-one format for children ages 6 to 8 who are learning piano. This structure builds self-esteem and confidence and paves the way for traditional music lessons and beyond. 

Research in early childhood music education has shown that group instruction not only imparts basic music skills, but also provides an enjoyable, stress-free environment for learning. This program enables students to learn and develop skills in a group setting, helps them connect with their peers, and serves as an excellent preparation for the next step in learning music—private instruction at Cadek. 

Piano Klass Kidz Upcoming Terms
This two-year program is designed specifically for students 6 to 8 years old. Students participate in 45 minutes of weekly instruction in note reading and music development. During each class, technique, theory, repertoire, and ensemble work are emphasized. A recital at the end of each term allows students to showcase their newfound skills and achievements with family and friends. 

Enrollment for each class is limited to six students, and classes are available for new and returning students.

Fall 2021 Term Dates: Beginning the week of August 3 through December 6.

Teens at Keyboards

Cadek instructor Janet Sump offers a new group piano class, Teens at Keyboards, for beginner students ages 12 to 17. During their course of study, students will learn major and minor pentatonic scales, transposition, intervals, and primary chords.

Additionally, students will learn to play songs by Adele, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, music from the movie Frozen, The Lion King, and more. The piano class course book includes access to online audio tracks as well as for downloading and streaming.

Teens at Keyboards Upcoming Terms
Designed specifically for beginner students ages 12 to 17, Teens at Keyboards students will participate in 45 minutes of weekly instruction across a 15-week session. Enrollment for each class is limited to six students.

Fall 2021 Term Dates: Beginning the week of August 3 through December 6.

Flute Choir with Dr. Ronda Benson Ford

Weekly rehearsals—Wednesdays 6:30-8 p.m. 
Cadek at GPS

Develop your practice, gain independence on the flute, and learn new, fun pieces as part of this engaging weekly chamber music group. Led by Dr. Ronda Benson Ford, an esteemed flute instructor at Cadek and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Flute Choir at Cadek gives flute students a space to practice and grow. 

Flute choir is open to any flutists who have played for at least three years. The group will play standard flute choir repertoire, as well as arrangements of pieces from musicals and pop music. 
  • Open to flutists who have played for at least three years. Private lessons are not a prerequisite for participation.
  • Flute Choir rehearsals are held weekly on Wednesday, 6:30-8 p.m., beginning September 1, 2021, at Cadek at GPS.
  • Flute Choir typically performs two concerts each semester.
For specific details and placement inquiries, please contact instructor Dr. Ford at 

Beginner Folk Guitar Group Class with Natalie Eastman

15 small-group class sessions
The Bright School

Learn to play acoustic folk guitar in this new Cadek class, held at The Bright School satellite location. Get ready for the new skill you’ve wanted to develop, for the social fun of a guitar circle, and for the sheer pleasure of playing. 

If you’re new to acoustic folk guitar and want to learn to play in a fun, small-group class, this is your chance! This class is open to beginners of all ages.
  • Focus on the fundamentals of strumming, picking melody lines, and playing by reading from the music staff.
  • Learn the parts of a guitar, how to hold the instrument, and how to tune with various tuning methods.
  • Learn to read music notation—and play a chord on the very first day!
Beginner Folk Guitar Class Details
  • Classes for Fall 2021 begin Tuesday, August 17, and are held at The Bright School. The session will run for 15 weekly classes.
  • Each student must have their own guitar; the guitar must be appropriately sized for the student. The instructor or local guitar shop can provide guidance on this. 
  • After registration, the instructor will provide a complete list of purchases to make, including a specific method book. Ideally, purchase these items before the first class. The instructor will also provide recommendations on items students might want to complement their practice.
  • Students will be required to purchase a specific method book and music flashcards. Each student, including siblings, must have their own book.

For specific inquiries or questions, please contact instructor Natalie Eastman at 

Aloha Ukulele with Natalie Eastman - A Beginner Ukulele Class for Absolute Beginners

Ages: 11-up
Dates: 15 weeks, 45 minute classes

Aloha! Have you ever wanted to play a stringed instrument that's adorable, pretty easy to learn, joyful, and portable enough that you can easily take it anywhere in the world? How about the "jumping flea"? That's right, you guessed it: the ukulele, pronounced /oo-koo lay-lay/! In addition to being one of the cutest instruments you'll ever see, it's also hard to play it without smiling - even laughing sometimes! It's one of the most un-intimidating instruments in the world, and you can hardly stop yourself from singing along as you play it! Yet it's also capable of expression and depth. If you have a ukulele sitting around your house, have a couple of fingers to spare, know how to count, and are willing to put in some time, you can learn the ukulele! As an added bonus, you'll get to learn in a group, so we can play and sing together - the funnest way to learn one of the funnest instruments there is!

Collaborative Piano - The Art of Accompanying with Andrea Tierney

For late intermediate to advanced pianists
1 Saturday/month, 45 minute classes

Will focus on the skills needed to play in an ensemble as well as to accompany soloists. Group classes will touch on sight reading, harmonization, and basic arranging skills, as well as the opportunity to accompany both instrumental and vocal soloists, as well as choral ensembles. Pianists will play both piano duets and duos, always with an emphasis on healthful, injury preventive technique.

Guitar-Playing, Singing, and Songwriting Circle with Natalie Eastman

For advanced beginner guitar students, ages 13 and up; 15 weeks, 
45 minute classes

Do you already play acoustic guitar and sing – and love both? How about being part of a special guitar-playing-and-singing circle in which we not only play and sing a ton of already-published songs together from all kinds of genres, but we also explore the beginnings of songwriting? You don't have to be perfect, amazing, or advanced at either, but you need prior experience with both. If you have already been playing guitar for at least a little while and have mastered basic chords such as A, C, D, E, F, G; and can get a B chord in there sometimes, too; and maybe know some of the "7" and minor chords; then how about taking the next step and learning some basics of songwriting? We'll explore simple, beginner aspects of writing lyrics with supporting chord progressions (a.k.a., song craft) using the basic chords you already know. We'll write songs individually and in pairs and groups, and test them out on each other, even teaching them to each other and singing them together! Expand and explore your guitar-playing and singing skills and develop your songwriting muscles in a friendly, supportive, fun, and sometimes mildly-competitive environment (hey, it worked for the Beatles!) with like- minded, musical friends!

Suzuki Group Piano with Andrea Tierney and Suzuki Group Violin with Bryony Stroud-Watson

A group class built to complement private instruction to enrich students and parents musical journey. 

How it Works

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