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3 Benefits of Virtual Instruction at Cadek

Virtual lessons add convenience, access to Cadek instruction.
Since spring 2020, Cadek Conservatory of Music has offered private music instruction in a virtual setting for students in the Chattanooga region. What began as a response to COVID-19 restrictions has transformed and diversified some of our offerings. While we look forward to the return of in-person instruction for all students and instruments, virtual instruction and lessons provide a valuable format and experience for music education.

Cadek instructors offer virtual lessons for the full range of instruments, including guitar, violin, piano, voice, flute, recorder, clarinet, as well as other brass, woodwind, and string instruments. 

Access and convenience
Never miss a lesson with virtual instruction, and take your lessons anywhere with Internet connection and your instrument. Compared to in-person lessons, virtual instruction doesn’t require drive time and can be coordinated with students’ busy schedules. 

Similarly, students can practice and warm up in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. Teachers have an opportunity to see students holistically, as virtual instruction provides a “window” into a student’s life at home, including their practice space, family members, and even pets.

Growth and development
Virtual instruction maintains connection between teachers, students, and their parents, which is a crucial component to many styles of learning and music instruction. As more instruction goes digital, students gain access to a broader range of teachers and supplemental instruction, including master classes and training with teachers in other locations.

Cadek’s experienced instructors are committed to making the online learning experience as seamless and impactful as possible.

Tapping into technology
Through virtual instruction, and virtual performances, students engage in their artistry using 21st century technology. This move toward technology in the arts enables students to showcase their work anywhere, anytime. From learning how to submit online auditions to broadcasting and live-streaming their own concerts, students need to learn how to utilize technology to their own benefit. 

“Adopting these skills through private lessons empowers students to communicate with their artistic voice across any platform,” says Cadek Coordinator Mark Krawczyk. “Virtual lessons give an implicit, firsthand, immersive dive into the first steps of learning technology as a medium for instruction, promotion, and experimentation.” 

Cadek offers both in-person and virtual lessons for a range of instruments and all age and skill levels. If you need assistance arranging virtual lessons, let us know—complete the Inquiry Form here or call Cadek at 423.634.7694.