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Remembering Virginia Horton, Longtime Music Educator

Horton influenced many musicians and music educators at Lee University, Cadek, and The Bright School.
Cadek Conservatory of Music leaders remember Virginia Horton, an influential music educator in Chattanooga and Cleveland, who passed away on January 19. A longtime music professor, she was a true icon in the history of the School of Music at Lee University, and she had a profound influence on all who knew her. Mrs. Horton was a former teacher at Cadek Conservatory, as well as a past music instructor at The Bright School. 

Cadek instructor Katie Talley was a dedicated student of both Mrs. Horton and her husband, Dr. David Horton, also a music professor. As Talley says, it was an honor to know after joining Cadek that she was following in the footsteps of her mentor Mrs. Horton. 

“She was my voice instructor, mentor, friend, and a motherly figure in my life not only while I was in college, but for many years to follow,” Talley says. “She and Dr. David Horton helped me find my way to private music instruction. Dr. Horton encouraged me to be to my students what Mrs. Horton was to me. She lived that example out in front of me.”

Mrs. Horton taught students the value of their unique voice and teaching style. 

“Many of us talk about her unconditional love for us, the quiet strength she offered whenever we needed it, and the way she called out greatness in us!” Talley says. “She truly raised a generation of music educators who will teach and love their students well.”

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