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Piano Klass Kidz at Cadek

Why Piano Klass Kidz?

An original program created by Cadek instructor Janet Sump, Piano Klass Kidz provides an accessible small group and one-on-one format for children ages 6 to 8 who are learning piano. This structure builds self-esteem and confidence and paves the way for traditional music lessons and beyond. 

Research in early childhood music education has shown that group instruction not only imparts basic music skills, but also provides an enjoyable, stress-free environment for learning. This program enables students to learn and develop skills in a group setting, helps them connect with their peers, and serves as an excellent preparation for the next step in learning music—private instruction at Cadek. 

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About Piano Klass Kidz at Cadek

This two-year program is designed specifically for students 6 to 8 years old. Students participate in 45 minutes of weekly instruction in note reading and music development. During each class, technique, theory, repertoire, and ensemble work are emphasized. A recital at the end of each term allows students to showcase their newfound skills and achievements with family and friends. 

Enrollment for each class is limited to six students, and classes are available for new and returning students.

Upcoming Terms + Fees

Piano Klass Kidz offers two 15-week terms each year—fall and spring. Information for each term (start and end dates, class schedule, and fees) is posted to our website as soon as it's available—typically two months in advance.

Spring 2021 Term Dates

Piano Klass Kidz full term: Begins mid-January and runs through May 7


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How it Works

If you’re interested in music lessons through Cadek Conservatory, please click the “Inquire Now” button below and fill out the form. A Cadek representative will help you find an instructor and schedule a time for lessons. Then you will enroll using the Register option.