A music conservatory for everyone based in the Chattanooga region. 

Find Your Forte at Cadek

Cadek Conservatory of Music at Girls Preparatory School provides music education to all ages, instruments, and skill levels in the greater Chattanooga region. 

Since our founding in 1904, Cadek Conservatory of Music has been dedicated to training individuals in the performing arts. We provide music education for all ages, including private lessons and group and ensemble offerings. 

As one of the most dynamic music schools serving students and artists, Cadek continues its rich history and legacy at Girls Preparatory School in greater Chattanooga and beyond. 

Cadek At A Glance

Excellence in Music Education Since 1904

Under the guidance of Cadek instructors, music education can build character,
teach critical thinking, and grow self-esteem and confidence in learners.

Music Education for Everyone

Cadek offers private and group music instruction, and we welcome all students, skill levels, and instruments, including piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, voice, and percussion. Find us at three locations in Chattanooga—GPS, The Bright School, and McCallie.

Private Music Lessons
for Learners of All Ages
Our instructors help students unlock their potential through music. Cadek offers year-round options and weekly lessons starting at $30 per half-hour lesson. 
Group and
Ensemble Opportunities
Build self-esteem, forge friendships, and learn ensemble playing with group class opportunities for every skill level. 
Suzuki Classes for String, Piano and Wind Instruments
Create an environment for learning that mirrors language acquisition theories with Suzuki Method instruction. Cadek instructors also offer group Suzuki classes.