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Cadek Conservatory is one of the most dynamic music schools serving students and artists in the Chattanooga region. Our history and legacy in Chattanooga and beyond continue to evolve.

Ready for one-on-one music lessons? Private music instruction inspires learners to:
  • Build confidence and positive habits
  • Establish a supportive learning environment with a trusted instructor
  • Foster a lifelong love of learning and music appreciation
Students show improved self-esteem, self-discipline, and creativity in the arts.

Why Cadek?

Our 20+ instructors bring their unique experience and style to students. New students will be matched with an instructor who aligns with a family’s expectations and goals.

Cadek instructors:
  • Encourage a love of music in students
  • Foster a sense of purpose and initiative
  • Help students explore new possibilities
Music education encourages creative expression and development that supports a student through their academic pursuits and growth.

“I believe that every child can learn to play and play well. With the combination of a proper nurturing environment, a trained teacher, and a committed student and parent, the possibilities are limitless.”
—Suzuki and traditional piano Cadek instructor Andrea Shepherd Tierney

Cadek offers traditional instruction for the following instruments:

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  • + Strings

    • Violin
    • Viola
    • Cello
    • String Bass
    • Guitar

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About Cadek Students

One-on-one private music lessons are available for people of all ages, generally starting around 6 years old for piano and string instruments. Lessons for band instruments begin at 7 years old. Vocal instruction is available to students beginning in middle school. Adult students, regardless of musical experience, are always welcome. Cadek staff members are willing to answer questions and help connect students with the right level of instruction. 

Most instructors offer virtual lessons as well for added convenience and safety.

Upcoming Terms + Fees

Cadek offers private lessons for three terms throughout the year—fall, spring, and summer. There are 34-week, 17-week, 9-week and 8-week sessions available. 

Private and group music lessons run in two semesters that run parallel to school schedules and through the summer. For the summer term, students have the choice to enroll for either four, six, or eight weeks of lessons that begin at the instructor's discretion.

Term Dates

FALL 2022
Registration opens July 15.
Full Year Term (34 weeks): August 8–May 5
Full Term (17 weeks): August 8–December 16
A Term (9 weeks): August 8–October 7
B Term (8 weeks): March 7–May 6

Registration opens November 18.
Full Term (17 weeks): January 2–May 5
A Term (9 weeks): January 2–March 3
B Term (8 weeks): March 6–May 5

May 22–July 21


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  • + Full Year

    Available Lessons + Fees for Full Year, 34-Week Term (one lesson per week)
    • 30-minute lessons | $986
    • 45-minute lessons | $1346
    • 60-minute lessons | $1706

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  • + Fall or Spring Term

    Available Lessons + Fees for 17-Week Term (one lesson per week)
    • 30-minute lessons | $518
    • 45-minute lessons | $707
    • 60-minute lessons | $895

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  • + A-Term

    Available Lessons + Fees for 9-Week Term (one lesson per week)
    • 30-minute lessons | $310
    • 45-minute lessons | $405
    • 60-minute lessons | $498

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  • + B-Term

    Available Lessons + Fees for 8-Week Term (one lesson per week)
    • 30-minute lessons | $275
    • 45-minute lessons | $359
    • 60-minute lessons | $444

How It Works

If you're interested in music lessons through Cadek Conservatory, get started here. If you're new to the Conservatory, please click "New Student Placement" below and fill out the form.