Suzuki Instruction

Suzuki Group Classes

Suzuki Group Classes

Suzuki Method group classes through Cadek Conservatory offer a supportive, collaborative environment for furthering a student’s practice.

Cadek Conservatory offers regular group classes for Suzuki students in piano and violin. Monthly classes offer students an opportunity to learn together, explore ensemble playing, and grow in musicianship and skill.

Who are group lessons for?

Students who study the Suzuki method and take private lessons. *Group classes are not offered in place of taking private lessons with a qualified Suzuki teacher. Families will attend group classes once per month. 

Violin groups are limited to 10 students, and piano groups are limited to six students. 

Why Suzuki group classes?

Learning together is a fun and socially rewarding activity! Participating in the monthly group class helps prepare students for future ensemble playing. 

  • As students build on and augment the skills learned in Book 1, group class becomes a good way for them to reinforce those skills through review. 
  • Daily listening helps greatly, but hearing, seeing, and moving together with other students helps teach discernment.
  • As students become more aware of and gain more nuanced technical skills, they can enjoy playing songs from earlier Suzuki books using their new techniques and musicianship.
  • In Suzuki violin group classes, topics such as how to manage the bow to create dynamics and articulations and the coordination of the left and right hand as well as awareness of the compositional structures are reinforced. Basic two-part harmony will be introduced as well as leadership skills in ensemble playing.
  • In Suzuki piano group classes, students will explore ensemble playing, which typically isn’t available until after many years of private study.
  • Students will have the opportunity to play with instruments from different musical families, primarily piano and violin. Advanced students will focus on the skills required to become excellent collaborative pianists, with the opportunity to accompany Suzuki string students.

Suzuki Group Violin Classes for the Beginner Student

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  • + Parent Inspiration & Support Class

    For parents
    Saturdays 4:30-5:30 p.m. on ZOOM

    It is vital that parents stay connected with teachers and other parents as well as have an opportunity to discuss (or vent!) about how practice is going at home. During parent classes, we provide inspirational readings, ideas to help with practice at home, and encouragement to keep all sides of the Suzuki triangle happy and healthy. This class will be offered at the beginning of each term.

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  • + Twinkle Group Class

    For beginners and their parents 

    Twinkle time! This class focuses on nurturing the bond between parent and child as the at-home teacher and student. Great emphasis is put on the posture of both the violin and the bow and the mechanics of how the hands coordinate to play the instrument. Pre-Twinkle class involves listening games, fun activities that build stamina, and engagement of both the parent and the child. Parents are required to take this class together with their child. This class provides vital instruction, support, and inspiration for parents new to the Suzuki Method. Together you and your child will discover the joys of playing the violin.

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  • + Allegro Group Class

    Suzuki Book 1A (up to Perpetual Motion)

    Once Twinkle variations are learned, students in the first half of Book 1 begin their own class. This class reinforces basic posture (violin side and bow side) and review of the new and fundamental skills introduced in the first half of Suzuki Book 1. Parents are encouraged to attend group classes, take notes in lessons, and continue to be very active in directing at-home practice sessions.

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  • + Minuet Group Class

    Suzuki Book 1B (Perpetual Motion to Gavotte by Gossec, end of Book 1)

    At this point, students usually have surpassed their parents in what they are able to play! With over nine songs memorized, much can be refined and new rhythms and decidedly dance-like pieces make playing fun. Students will be introduced to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. The author of the six partitas and sonatas for the solo violin between 1703 and 1720, his music still sets the bar for modern day violinists. The camaraderie between students in a Book 1B class is developed easily as they work on the many new challenges presented in their first pieces by this genius composer.

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  • + Bourree Group Class

    Suzuki Book 2

    In Book 2 class, we take it to the next level with new ways to use the bow! Musical bow division is emphasized and Book 1 repertoire reimagined and retooled. Violin and bow posture are always addressed with the view to prepare the student for even more advanced techniques such as vibrato and shifting.

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  • + Gavotte Group Class

    Suzuki Book 3 

    The repertoire in Book 3 is full of character changes, is more complex, and is of greater length. The memory muscle is strengthened by continual review of the prior books. An important stepping stone to full-length pieces such as sonatas and concertos, the work of the first two books sets up basic bow strokes and then bow divisions. Selections in Book 3 instinctively engage the entire bow arm.

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  • + Vivaldi Group Class

    Suzuki Book 4 and above 
    12-18 years of age

    Concerto consciousness is developed at this level. We also will work on playing three octave scales together and work on more advanced note reading in parts. Ear training is advanced with sight singing and rhythmic dictation is introduced.

Suzuki Group Violin Classes for the Intermediate to Advanced Student

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  • + Fundamentals Class

    13-18 years of age, by permission of the instructor. 

    This group class is designed to put the fun in fundamental techniques such as scales, arpeggios, and double stops, as well as explore different ways to use the metronome. Basic music theory will be reviewed each week in practice to support the understanding of the rudiments of music. Working on these important core exercises as a group also strengthens chamber music and ensemble skills—technical skills and music theory knowledge essential for music auditions and entrance exams. Because many conservatories and music schools within universities have scale juries during the freshman and sophomore years, this class offers monthly performance opportunities and mock auditions in a casual setting. Be prepared to FUNdamentally change how you practice at home, inspired once a month by this class designed to help face common challenges.

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  • + Spotlight Performances

    13-18 years of age, by permission of the instructor. 
    May be hosted by different teachers and not limited to one instrument.

    Concertos, orchestral excerpts, sonatas, character pieces, and etudes are all acceptable repertoire for this class. The intent of this group class is to prepare students for playing solo in recitals, concerts, or competitions with the benefit of a supportive environment and knowledgeable listeners. Each class will begin with centering exercises and, after honoring each performance. discuss next steps as a group. We will focus on how to overcome anxiety to become the best and happiest musicians we can be.

Suzuki Group Piano Classes

Suzuki group piano classes will be divided according to Suzuki piano level, with a student limit of six per group class for A and B groups and eight for the C group. 

Classes will be held on Saturday mornings with an end-of-term showcase in Cadek Conservatory’s studio 5. The Suzuki showcase, and possible rehearsal, will be held in one of the recital halls at GPS.

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  • + Group A

    For students in Suzuki Piano Book 1
    50-minute class
    • Performance preparation and opportunities so that playing in front of others becomes a natural part of making music
    • Ensemble playing with other pianists (duets and duos) as well as the opportunity to play with strings
    • Music theory will cover basic signs, terms, and rhythms
    • Music history will be explored through the introduction of well known composers
    • Technique will focus on how our bodies are made and function to play piano with ease

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  • + Group B

    For students in Suzuki Piano Books 2 & 3
    50-minute class
    • Performance and audition preparation
    • Ensemble experience with both piano duets/duos and piano/string trios
    • Music theory will focus on the beginnings of harmonization based on scales and keys
    • Music history will be general music period and key composers
    • Technique will continue to focus on the human body and how applies to healthful, injury preventive keyboard technique

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  • + Group C

    For students in Suzuki Piano Book 4 and up *
    *Non-Suzuki Students considered on an individual basis with teacher recommendation
    60-minute class
    • Performance will focus on preparation and performance anxiety as well as efficient practice to meet goals and deadlines
    • Ensemble will be collaborative piano with the primary focus being how to accompany other instruments, and will include sight reading skills
    • Music theory will continue to focus on harmonization of melodies
    • Music history will explore music genres/styles while learning about composers
    • Technique will continue to focus on applying healthful, injury preventive keyboard techniques

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  • + Suzuki Showcase

    The end-of-term Suzuki showcase will include both pianists and string players in recital to share the skills they have acquired and celebrate the relationship formed by collaborative music making.

About Suzuki at Cadek

Several instructors at Cadek employ Suzuki method for instruction, and Cadek is intentionally restructuring its offerings related to this special methodology. A supportive network will include group lessons and play-ins as coordinated by Cadek’s Suzuki instructors, as well as parent education opportunities to best grasp the participation and learning requirements that are foundational to this method.

Upcoming Terms

Suzuki group classes begin in August and run through December. Start and completion dates depend on each class schedule. Contact instructor Bryony Stroud-Watson ( or Andrea Tierney ( for more details and placement inquiries.

How It Works

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