Suzuki Instruction

Suzuki Group Classes

Suzuki Group Classes

Suzuki Method group classes through Cadek Conservatory offer a supportive, collaborative environment for furthering a student’s practice.

Cadek Conservatory offers regular group classes for Suzuki students in piano and violin. Monthly classes offer students an opportunity to learn together, explore ensemble playing, and grow in musicianship and skill. Suzuki Group classes will be leveled at the discretion of the instructor. Please contact instructor Melody Poke at with any questions.

Who are group lessons for?

Students who study the Suzuki method and take private lessons. *Group classes are not offered in place of taking private lessons with a qualified Suzuki teacher. Families will attend group classes once per month. 

Violin groups are limited to 10 students, and piano groups are limited to six students. 

Why Suzuki group classes?

Learning together is a fun and socially rewarding activity! Participating in the monthly group class helps prepare students for future ensemble playing. 

  • As students build on and augment the skills learned in Book 1, group class becomes a good way for them to reinforce those skills through review. 
  • Daily listening helps greatly, but hearing, seeing, and moving together with other students helps teach discernment.
  • As students become more aware of and gain more nuanced technical skills, they can enjoy playing songs from earlier Suzuki books using their new techniques and musicianship.
  • In Suzuki violin group classes, topics such as how to manage the bow to create dynamics and articulations and the coordination of the left and right hand as well as awareness of the compositional structures are reinforced. Basic two-part harmony will be introduced as well as leadership skills in ensemble playing.
  • In Suzuki piano group classes, students will explore ensemble playing, which typically isn’t available until after many years of private study.
  • Students will have the opportunity to play with instruments from different musical families, primarily piano and violin. Advanced students will focus on the skills required to become excellent collaborative pianists, with the opportunity to accompany Suzuki string students.

About Suzuki at Cadek

Several instructors at Cadek employ Suzuki method for instruction, and Cadek is intentionally restructuring its offerings related to this special methodology. A supportive network will include group lessons and play-ins as coordinated by Cadek’s Suzuki instructors, as well as parent education opportunities to best grasp the participation and learning requirements that are foundational to this method.

Upcoming Terms

Suzuki group classes begin in August and run through December. Start and completion dates depend on each class schedule. Contact instructor Melody Poke ( for more details and placement inquiries.

How It Works

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