Thank you for your interest in music lessons at Cadek!

We are a conservatory open to everyone. Cadek’s 20-plus instructors guide students to find their forte and explore through music.

If you’re new to Cadek, follow these steps to start taking private music lessons.

    • step one

Submit the new student placement form.
You can begin this process at any time of year. The Cadek Director will connect with you to begin the placement process via email.
    • step two

Schedule a call or email exchange with the Cadek Director.
They will discuss your musical experience, goals, and scheduling needs and recommend a teacher who would be a good match.
    • step three

Connect with your recommended teacher.
The Cadek Director will connect you with an instructor via email, and the instructor will arrange a time to connect by phone, by email, or in person, if desired. You will discuss your lesson time, length, and schedule, as well as set goals and make sure it’s the right fit.
    • step four

Once you’ve determined a day and time for lessons, you’ll register through Cadek’s Active page and enroll in private lessons for the academic year.

If you’re an existing Cadek student, complete the registration process on Active.

    • find your forte!