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The Suzuki method is a unique system of music instruction that can be ideal for young children learning an instrument.

Why Suzuki?

This method applies the basic principles of language acquisition to the learning of music, according to the Suzuki Association of the Americas, and also relies on parent responsibility, loving encouragement, and constant repetition.

It’s crucial for parent and child to understand the core principles and philosophies of Suzuki before embarking on this style of music instruction. Cadek instructors work with new parents and students to grasp the level of involvement and best prepare 

Enrollment is at the discretion of the Suzuki instructor. Students typically begin at 4 to 5 years old, but older and younger students may begin the program as well.

Cadek staff members will connect parents and students with the most appropriate Suzuki instructors and information to determine if this method is a good fit for the family.

Cadek offers in-person lessons at our three locations

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“We did not come to violin or the Suzuki method with a background in either. My goal for my sons was to gain an appreciation for playing an instrument and familiarity with reading music, letting them take the lead with where they wanted to go with the violin. Since then, my sons have gained a love of the violin, and it is now what we consider to be their ‘sport’ of choice. Bryony has been patient with us as we navigated the commitment to violin for our family, holding space for us where we were on the journey. Attending the lessons in person has been helpful for us so I can help my sons. I never thought when we started we would be where we are today with violin, and we have Bryony to thank for that.” 
—Suzuki parent with two students of Suzuki and traditional violin instructor Bryony Stroud-Watson

Cadek instructors currently offer instruction within the Suzuki method:

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About Suzuki at Cadek

Several instructors at Cadek employ Suzuki method for instruction, and Cadek is intentionally restructuring its offerings related to this special methodology. A supportive network will include group lessons and play-ins as coordinated by Cadek’s Suzuki instructors, as well as parent education opportunities to best grasp the participation and learning requirements that are foundational to this method.

Most instructors offer virtual lessons as well for added convenience and safety.

Upcoming Terms + Fees

Cadek offers private lessons for three terms throughout the year—fall, spring, and summer. Private and group music lessons run in two semesters that run parallel to school schedules and through the summer. For the summer term, students have the choice to enroll for either four, six, or eight weeks of lessons that begin at the instructor's discretion.

Spring 2021 Term Dates

B Term: March 8–May 7
Summer Term: May 31–July 23


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  • + Full Term

    Available Lessons + Fees for Full 17-Week Term (one lesson per week)
    • 30-minute lessons | $493
    • 45-minute lessons | $673
    • 60-minute lessons | $853 

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  • + A-Term

    Available Lessons + Fees for 9-Week Term (one lesson per week)
    • 30-minute lessons | $295
    • 45-minute lessons | $385
    • 60-minute lessons | $475

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  • + B-Term

    Available Lessons + Fees for 8-Week Term (one lesson per week)
    • 30-minute lessons | $262
    • 45-minute lessons | $342
    • 60-minute lessons | $423
Summer registration opens early April and closes May 31. 

How It Works

If you’re interested in music lessons through Cadek Conservatory, please click the “Inquire Now” button below and fill out the form. A Cadek representative will help you find an instructor and schedule a time for lessons. Then you will enroll using the Register option.