Natalie Eastman

Teaches: Piano, Voice, Folk Guitar, Ukulele
Locations: GPS, McCallie, and The Bright School
Natalie Eastman brings 25-plus years of experience providing private vocal, beginning piano, beginning guitar, and beginning electric bass instruction, along with several decades of performance experience. She has performed with the Washington Savoyards, a Gilbert and Sullivan society, as a featured soloist aboard The Spirit of Washington dinner cruise line, as a soloist in hundreds of weddings, and in many worship bands. Eastman particularly emphasizes and enjoys intergenerational contexts when training and teaching. In her private and small group lessons, she focuses on individual empowerment and growth, yet also has a unique ability to work with both large and small groups and among diverse constituencies. In addition to teaching music, Natalie has a Master of Divinity degree and a Doctor of Ministry degree, is published in many online articles and one book on Bible interpretation, has three children, and occasionally cooks, practices yoga, and reads for pleasure. She also manages to remain active in community theater. Vocally, not every performer can instruct, not every instructor can perform. But Eastman has enthusiastically and clearly taught people to sing and helped singers to sing better while singing professionally. Her client list includes one Miss Connecticut, one Miss America contestant, and many working professional artists. She frequently coaches singers who offer their voices locally in choirs, bands, weddings, music theater, and other extraordinary and everyday performances.