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Cadek Announces Scholarship Audition Winners for 2022-23

Cadek Coordinator Talley commends audition winners, participants for their dedication, time, and commitment.
Cadek Conservatory of Music leaders announced the winners of the 2022-23 Achievement and Incentive Scholarships following the audition process in March. Cadek Coordinator Katie Talley commended the talented musicians for their commitment and preparation for the auditions. 

“What an incredible showing of inspired, dedicated students,” she shared. “Thank you to all of our families, students, instructors, and judges for making this audition season such a success. It was a joy to hear from you all!” 
Participants should receive mailed judging scores and remarks delivered by the USPS. Talley encourages students to share feedback with their instructors and let results be a roadmap for practice as students grow musically. 

Congratulations to our top students from the Achievement and Incentive categories: 

Olivia Jo
Evangeline Manalo
Danielle Jubea
Makalya Madison
Isaac Duncan IV

Rebecca Davis
Oliver Harr
Buddy Himrod
Rose Bunyard
Virginia Miller
Scotty Davis
Liam McClellan
John Mitchell Mutter
Harper Venza
Phoebe Mutter
Wisehart Mutter
Sayali Dhanak
Drew Felker
Madrone Luce
Emma Murchison
Ryan Mahone
Anna Zmaj
Savan Dhanak
Harper Kelly
Leah Lynn Willeford
Caitlin Russell
Melody Stiles
Ian Cunningham
Cameron Kitts
Jordan Matheny
Birch Luce
Kristena Watson
Collin Cunningham
Elly Wu
Areli Vincent
Tazmeen Zara Hossain